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'voipblast' Rates

Call Rates comparison for the selected provider.
Betamax (Dellmont sarl) is a provider many voip products. And offer low rates to many destinations. We offer hier a rates comparison of the voip products. Have fun!

Note: the rates are updated on a DAILY basis

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* All rates in EURO Cents.
** Prices which the provider uses a different currency are converted into euro.
123123Prices differ between EU and non EU, both are presented as normal or above, depending on your selection.
*** This provider can add connection fee.
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Country Landline rate Non EU   Mobile rate Non EU   SMS rate  
Afghanistan 1314n/a
Albania 1033n/a
Algeria 1170n/a
American Samoa 5050n/a
Andorra 215n/a
Angola 3333n/a
Anguilla 7070n/a
Antarctica 7070n/a
Antigua And Barbuda 2020n/a
Argentina 0.515n/a
Armenia 1318n/a
Aruba 912n/a
Ascension Islands 5050n/a
Australia 0.57n/a
Austria 80.7170.8n/a
Azerbaijan 1719n/a
Bahamas 1518n/a
Bahrain 79n/a
Bangladesh 2.42.3n/a
Barbados 2020n/a
Belarus 3028n/a
Belgium 713010n/a
Belize 2017n/a
Benin 3026n/a
Bermuda 2.55n/a
Bhutan 910n/a
Bolivia 915n/a
Bosnia-herzegovina 1120n/a
Botswana 1520n/a
Brazil 0.71.5n/a
British Indian Ocean Territory 7070n/a
British Virgin Islands 30100n/a
Brunei Darussalam 1515n/a
Bulgaria 60.8303n/a
Burkina Faso 3030n/a
Burundi 4545n/a
Cambodia 34.2n/a
Cameroon 1231n/a
Canada 00n/a
Cape Verde 2319n/a
Cayman Islands 2010n/a
Central African Republic 23150n/a
Chad 4040n/a
Chile 0.53.5n/a
China 2.52.5n/a
Colombia 2.14n/a
Comoros 5050n/a
Congo 3045n/a
Congo Democratic Republic 2337n/a
Cook Islands 5070n/a
Costa Rica 17n/a
Croatia 3083013n/a
Cuba 7575n/a
Cyprus 9185n/a
Czech Republic 4041n/a
Denmark 250307n/a
Djibouti 2529n/a
Dominica 3050n/a
Dominican Republic 3.512n/a
East Timor 7070n/a
Ecuador 1413n/a
Egypt 711n/a
El Salvador 911n/a
Equatorial Guinea 4040n/a
Eritrea 2021n/a
Estonia 030n/a
Ethiopia 2626n/a
Faeroes Islands 2030n/a
Falkland Islands 5050n/a
Fiji 2525n/a
Finland 272.5304n/a
France 3.32121.2n/a
French Guiana 2525n/a
French Polynesia 2020n/a
Gabon 2530n/a
Gambia 7070n/a
Georgia 1324n/a
Germany 60231n/a
Ghana 2220n/a
Gibraltar 1830n/a
Greece 1.27n/a
Greenland 3040n/a
Grenada 3011.5n/a
Guadeloupe 319n/a
Guam 1010n/a
Guatemala 810n/a
Guinea 3335n/a
Guinea-bissau 4345n/a
Guyana 1919n/a
Haiti 2025n/a
Honduras 1015n/a
Hong Kong 33n/a
Hungary 4.204n/a
Iceland 1.52.5n/a
India 22n/a
Indonesia 46n/a
Inmarsat 250n/a
Iran 1316n/a
Iraq 816n/a
Ireland 250356n/a
Israel 28n/a
Italy 0188.5n/a
Ivory Coast 2427n/a
Jamaica 1720n/a
Japan 06.5n/a
Jordan 1412n/a
Kazakhstan 714n/a
Kenya 1424n/a
Kuwait 56n/a
Kyrgyzstan 7.518n/a
Laos 63.5n/a
Latvia 303307n/a
Lebanon 616n/a
Lesotho 3050n/a
Liberia 3525n/a
Libya 5353n/a
Liechtenstein 420n/a
Lithuania 2863020n/a
Luxembourg 130.7157n/a
Macao 66n/a
Macedonia 1430n/a
Madagascar 5047n/a
Malawi 3032n/a
Malaysia 11.4n/a
Maldives 8080n/a
Mali 2524n/a
Malta 1162218n/a
Marshall Islands 8080n/a
Martinique 419n/a
Mauritania 5050n/a
Mauritius 1115n/a
Mayotte 3030n/a
Mexico 0.61.5n/a
Micronesia 3023n/a
Moldova 2322n/a
Monaco 525n/a
Mongolia 11n/a
Montenegro 1530n/a
Montserrat 3015n/a
Morocco 545n/a
Mozambique 1525n/a
Myanmar 1935n/a
Namibia 716n/a
Nepal 1516n/a
Netherlands 150109n/a
Netherlands Antilles 107n/a
New Caledonia 3030n/a
New Zealand 01.5n/a
Nicaragua 1020n/a
Niger 3035n/a
Nigeria 1212n/a
Niue 3030n/a
Norfolk Island 5050n/a
North Korea 3535n/a
Northern Mariana Islands 5050n/a
Norway 07n/a
Oman 1320n/a
Pakistan 77n/a
Palau 3030n/a
Palestinian Territory 1520n/a
Panama 37n/a
Papua New Guinea 5060n/a
Paraguay 1.55n/a
Peru 06.5n/a
Philippines 910.5n/a
Poland 60101.1n/a
Portugal 2.20201.5n/a
Puerto Rico 10.5n/a
Qatar 1314n/a
Reunion 117n/a
Romania 0.51n/a
Russian Federation 314n/a
Rwanda 2222n/a
Samoa 50n/a
San Marino 215n/a
Sao Tome And Principe 100100n/a
Saudi Arabia 608n/a
Senegal 3030n/a
Serbia And Montenegro 1130n/a
Seychelles 5050n/a
Sierra Leone 3332n/a
Singapore 2.52.5n/a
Slovak Republic 0.5104n/a
Slovenia 35113325n/a
Solomon Islands 10060n/a
Somalia 3433n/a
South Africa 1015n/a
South Korea 02n/a
South Sudan 2245n/a
Spain 380353n/a
Sri Lanka 1414n/a
St Helena 9999n/a
St Kitts And Nevis 9999n/a
St Lucia 9914n/a
St Maarten 1018n/a
St Pierre And Miquelon 9999n/a
St Vincent And The Grenadines 9999n/a
Sudan 2420n/a
Suriname 3029n/a
Swaziland 1315n/a
Sweden 0252.5n/a
Switzerland 213n/a
Syrian Arab Republic 2628n/a
Taiwan 28n/a
Tajikistan 1215n/a
Tanzania 2226n/a
Thailand 3.52.5n/a
Thuraya 150n/a
Togo 2125n/a
Tonga 100n/a
Trinidad And Tobago 1515n/a
Tunisia 6570n/a
Turkey 1.914n/a
Turkey Northern Cyprus 38n/a
Turkmenistan 1517n/a
Turks And Caicos 3030n/a
Tuvalu 5050n/a
Uganda 3024n/a
Ukraine 817n/a
United Arab Emirates 1812n/a
United Kingdom 13035n/a
United States 00n/a
Uruguay 38n/a
Us Virgin Islands 1010n/a
Uzbekistan 1010n/a
Vanuatu 30n/a
Venezuela 1.35.5n/a
Viet Nam 5.55n/a
Wallis And Futuna 4949n/a
Yemen 1215n/a
Zambia 3530n/a
Zimbabwe 2040n/a
portugal madeira and azores11n/a

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